A Message to Parents

published: 01 02 2016
themes: info

Big people, please listen to this brief message to all the parents, grandparents, teachers, babysitters, and others who have shared Little Stories for Tiny People with their kids. I have a few announcements, which I will list here for your convenience:

Episode 9 will be the final episode of Season 1 of Little Stories for Tiny People. I will be taking the next few months off to write a new batch of exciting stories for your kids. I'll be back with a new story on February 27, 2016.

Please make sure you are SUBSCRIBED to the podcast on whatever platform you use so you do not miss Season 2's debut!

Please personally share the podcast with one or two friends you think may be interested in the stories! I'd love the podcast to reach more children and sharing on a one to one basis seems to work well.

Please take a minute to leave a review! Reviews help more people discover the podcast. Reviews on iTunes are NOT straightforward. It can be confusing to try to leave one. I will be adding a "Leave a Review" tutorial to the website (littlestoriestinypeople.com) but until I do that, please feel free to email me at rhea@littlestoriestinypeople.com if you need help.

If you'd like one of the animal friends on a future episode to be named after YOUR child, email me at rhea@littlestoriestinypeople.com

Thank you for listening!

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