Another Message to Fans

published: 07 23 2017
themes: info

Hey LSFTP fans! Thanks so much for checking out this episode. For your convenience, here are the big takeaways\:

  • Go to and sign up for the brand new EMAIL NEWSLETTER

  • I promise I will only email you when I have real updates about my upcoming picture book or super interesting news about the podcast. Otherwise, you will never hear from me! YAY.

  • When you sign up for the newsletter (because I know you will), be sure to include your child(ren)’s names so that I can include them in a special illustration in the back of the book. Your child (or grandchild, niece, nephew, neighbor, student, cousin, your child’s best friend who has a birthday coming up in the next year) can then find their name Where’s-Waldo-style after listening to the book

  • Also, if you have a child who tends to say delightful things, include a quote from them about what they love about LSFTP stories. Bonus points if they have something to say about Little Fox Can’t Wait to Dream in particular. Include your child’s quote, name, and age and it might just appear on the back cover of the book!

I love to hear from my tiny fans. You can always email me at

Enjoy Season 3!

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