Vivi Finds Her Voice: A Story for Kids

published: 05 06 2018
themes: big feelings, friendship, growing up

Today’s story is all about setting personal boundaries and using the word ‘no’ effectively. Vivi tends to say yes to every request from friends, leaving her feeling burdened and unhappy. With the help of a clever fairy, she learns how to assert herself in a kind way. Listen to the end to hear more of your voice memos!

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Rhea loves these books because they are meaningful to her and her children. They inspired her writing and are similar to LSFTP stories in tone, humor, or theme. Click on the book covers below to purchase these books from our Amazon affiliate store.
Conejito by Margaret Read MacDonald
#family #growing up #just for fun
Guji Guji
#family #growing up #just for fun #life changes
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
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The Invisible String
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