Message to Fans: Sound Effects Library and Updates

published: 06 10 2018
themes: info

Hello wonderful listeners! There are some cool things happening at LSFTP!

Here’s a quick summary for your convenience: - The “enchanting merchandise” I mention in this message refers to Little Hedgehog t-shirts, which are available now! Go to the new ‘Shop’ tab at or you can head over to my Threadless store at to choose from two adorable designs.

  • I need YOUR HELP to create a “Sound Effects Library”. Just use your voice memo app to record your tiny person making some kind of (recognizable) sound. I will start using these sounds in stories as much as I can! Email them to

  • I will be taking the summer off from making new episodes so I can write more stories for all of you! I will also be finishing up my first picture book. YAY! Make sure you sign up for the email newsletter if you’d like your tiny people’s names hidden in the back of the book. Go to and click on the Newsletter tab to sign up!

Make sure you are subscribed to LSFTP so you never miss an episode! Please show your support by leaving a rating/review wherever you listen to the show. (Thank you to everyone who has done so already! I really have the best listeners ever.)

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me their beautiful artwork and letters!!! I love to hear from my listeners. Please email me ( with your artwork and photos of how the podcast fits into your child’s life!

You can also find the LSFTP page on Facebook, and find me on Instagram @littlestoriestinypeople, and twitter @littletinystory.

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