A Walk In The Woods: A Bedtime Story for Kids

published: 02 07 2021
themes: bedtime, just for fun

Kip, a squirrel who lives in the forest, discovers that human people go for walks for no particular reason at all. They aren't collecting food or gathering materials for their big metallic birds. One day, Kip decides to go for his own "just because" walk. And when he does, he learns something he won't soon forget.

If you love this story, please share it with all worms who despise ironing, any and all deer who wear glasses and rollerskates, frogs whose names you can't quite recall, and your friends. They might just need a good story these days. And if you happen to have an Apple device, leave a review in Apple Podcasts!

If your tiny person wants to share a story they've written, please send photos or recordings of it to rhea@littlestoriestinypeople.com. I'd LOVE to see their artwork, stories, and anything else they'd like to share.

BIG THANKS to the listeners who provided sound effects used in the story: ZAINA, AVIVA, LAUREL, and ISAIAH!

Thank you to OM for providing the reminder at the beginning of this episode!

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