A Sleep Railroad Valentine: A Bedtime Story for Kids

published: 02 10 2024
themes: bedtime

It is Valentine's Day and Lambden is invited to board the Sleep Train for a celebration of his favorite thing: SLEEP. But what will happen when he presses the button beneath his pillow and a great...nothingness fills his room? Will Lambden be doomed to toss and turn in his own bed? You'll have to listen to find out. ENJOY!

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Thank you to OLIVER and SYLVIA for the super important reminder message at the beginning!

Thank you to the many premium subscribers who supplied sound effects used in this story! Thank you to OLALLIE, FELIX, RODEO, KYLIE, AYLA, JUDE, TIANA, COLTER, CORA, WYATT, FLETCHER, HALEY, ELLA, MIA, ALMA, SKY, CONNOR, JACK, ASTON, HARPER, CARTER, LEILA, RIVER, ANIKA, KELS, SYLVIA, SIMONE, and DEAN!

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