Little Stories for Tiny People Podcast Celebrates Six Months of Premium Subscription


July 18, 2023

Little Stories for Tiny People Podcast Celebrates Six Months of Premium Subscription

Little Stories for Tiny People, a top-ranked storytelling podcast for kids, is excited to announce the successful launch of its premium feed, Little Stories Premium. Since its launch in December 2022, the premium subscription has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from listeners who have come to love the podcast for its quirky plots and endearing characters.

Little Stories Premium, available at, offers subscribers more of the stories they love, ad-free listening, and access to Little Stories for Sleep, an exclusive bedtime podcast. It features quiet, sleepy editions of dozens of tales from Little Stories for Tiny People, as well as new ‘Wandering Sleep Stories’ with peaceful, meandering storylines designed to lull little ones to sleep.

“I always wanted to release more stories crafted specifically for sleep, without the usual sound effects and funny elements,” says creator Rhea Pechter, “but I never had a great way to present them as I wanted⁠—without any introductions or ads; now I can share these sleep stories exactly as they are meant to be heard, with no distractions.”

Subscribers can choose from two affordable plans: $4 per month or $39 per year. Gift subscriptions are also available, making it a perfect gift for children who love stories. Subscribers can listen to the premium version of the podcast in most podcast players of their choice.

“From childhood, I dreamed of being a children’s author, but I never considered it a realistic goal,” says Pechter. “After 7 years of working on the podcast as a passion project in my spare time, my premium subscribers have enabled me to work full-time and produce more stories than ever before. The children’s media landscape is in constant flux, and it can be challenging to monetize your work as a creator. It’s great to see that, with a loyal and engaged audience, it is possible to build a career as a storyteller.”

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Little Stories for Tiny People is an original storytelling podcast for the whole family. The stories are written, performed, and produced by Rhea Pechter and are designed to entertain the tiny people in your life while fostering a love of storytelling and imagination. The podcast has been enjoyed by families around the world since 2015.

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